78 RPM 
If you or a relative have a collection of 78s then you really should go out and rescue them.  Then play them as they have never been played before.  You can simply buy a SL-1200 turntable and the Stanton 78c Cartridge. 

EQ Preamplifier
16" Turntable
4 Arm Turntable
SP-15 SL-1015
Centre old 78's
Speed Control


starters advice and hand holding
free if you buy our recommended system : Timestep turntable, our cartridge/stylus, Timestep EQ, our cable set, our stand.   (WaveLab, Prism USB audio interface, Adam A7X speakers and Dell PC, must be bought separately.) 

78rpm and the Technics SL-1200 Turntable 

Why Timestep turntables are so good:
• 6 years warrantee
• 14-170rpm with accurate readout out to 0.01rpm
• Plays 16" and 20" records
• Changeable spindle for off centre 78's
• Reverse for stampers
• Up to 4 arms
• Low cost 33/45/78rpm version
• 3 million of the donor turntable made, most still in use

The SL-1200 is easily converted to run at 78rpm.  Over 3 million SL-1200 turntables have been manufactured  and spares are so easy to obtain unlike the Technics SP-15.  This is a truly endless  supply of spare parts and donor decks. We also keep a few brand new ones, however at any one time there are 100's of nearly new perfect examples available for sale.

The SL-1200 series of turntables modified by us are used by audiophiles all over the world.  With its high torque direct drive motor it is ideally suited for 78rpm reproduction.  We modify it to operate at 71 to 91rpm with a quartz locked 78.26rpm fixed setting.  You still get fixed 33 1/3 and 45 for your more modern records!. You can upgrade the arm and have an extraordinarily good system.  Supplied with a strobe disc for 71.29/76.59/78.26/80/81.82/85/90 rpm. 
The modification includes a new external SMPS 100/117/220/230/240 volt power supply.

78rpm modification £299.00, fitting £100.00.  Total = £399.00.  Fitting can be accomplished by any skilled electronics engineer. 6 year warranty

78reverse switch to play stampers $300.00 (if bought at the same time as the above)

Click here for the turntable specification

We supply a good used two year guaranteed SL-1200/SL-1210 and modify it £794.00 in total.  So it's a ready to go, guaranteed SL-1200/SL-1210 at 33/45/78 rpm, these are used by government restoration library's all over the world.
6 year warranty

16" & 20" 78rpm SL-1200 Turntable
Many have said they would dearly love to use a SL-1200 but you can't fit a 12" arm.  Well now you can, and a 14" arm for playing 20" records too.  This is simple to mount and comes pre-machined to take the popular Jelco tonearms.  Everything is provided including full colour instructions, you just supply a screwdriver.

Our 16" capable arm is 12" long, not 10" or 9.45". It comes with a new base/collar precision machined here in the UK to replace the Japanese one that has tolerance issues.  It also comes with an anti-microphonic, silver hybrid tonearm cable made by Timestep.

Shown here is a 12" arm with a 16" record.

To see a 16" record placing click here
To see a 20" record playing click here

12" armboard  $375.00
12" and 14" armboard $495.00
12" Jelco arms with additional full size collar (each) $775.00
14" Jelco arms with additional full size collar (each) $1,150.00
SL-1200 turntable
(pre-owned) with 6 year warrantee $1,200.00
Click here for the turntable specification

4 Arm 78rpm SL-1200 Turntable
How do determine the best stylus size for those 1,000's of 78's ?  You play the record with 4 different cartridges  simultaneously and then rapidly switch the 4 arms, the  difference and the correct one will be  clearly audible.  Thanks to George Blood for the inspiration.

Using up to 4 12" Jelco tonearms (for up to 16" records) with detachable headshells is very easy.  Inside this turntable is the motor from a SL-1200.  There is a start/stop switch and illuminated 33, 45 and 78rpm buttons.

Our 16" capable arm is 12" long, not 10" or 9.45". It comes with a new base/collar precision machined here in the UK to replace the Japanese one that has tolerance issues.  It also comes with an anti-microphonic, silver hybrid tonearm cable made by Timestep.

This is a engineering concept drawing, showing a 12" record being played.  When we get sufficient interest we will manufacture a production batch. 6 year warranty

Complete 4 arm 33/45/78 turntable (less arms) $2,950.00 (price subject to change)
12" Jelco arms with additional full size collar (each) $775.00

Click on the image or here  for more detail

Archival Undersized 78's Spindle 
A frequently requested item! we take a stock SL-1200 spindle and machine it down by 3.0mm, this allows you to hand centre a record with an off centre hole. A must for many 78 rpm transcriptions. We also supply a standard size sleeve for use with normal records.  Both the new reduced spindle and the new sleeve have a rounded top so the record slips natural onto it without damage. This not  an exchange, it is an outright purchase.  Fitting is easy and less than 10 minutes.  The turntable can be restored to it's original condition at any time and the new spindle reused.  The bottom image shows the full sized sleeve removed from the spindle and temporarily placed on the platter for comparison.

SPIN78 $149.00 outright (no exchange needed)  


Digital variable speed 14 - 170rpm

Designed by Dave Cawley and manufactured in the UK this has to be the product of the decade !

Restoring records can be difficult, especially if they run at a non-standard speed. Now for the first time you can have a direct drive turntable with totally accurate digital readout.

Speed selection can be with the preset buttons, by a large rotary knob and also with up/down buttons. The readout and resolution are both 0.01 rpm, Fine speed is set to 0.01 rpm increments and coarse/fast speed is set in 1 rpm increments.

Custom versions are available and the firmware is updateable on the fly. We fit a brand new  tonearm.

This is not a power supply, it is a DDS (Direct Digital Synthesiser) PLL (Phase Locked Loop) control system for the Technics SL-1200, SP-15 and some other Technics turntables.

We can modify your own turntable or supply an as-new one with a 6 year warranty. You can also fit this yourself to your
turntable, it just needs 4 non-invasive soldered joints.

This speed controller is completely silent in operation and if anything improves on the already legendary performance of the Technics.

You will be surprised at the performance of this system, no hum or buzz, instantaneous response and absolutely no speed deterioration due to stylus drag.

As an option we can fit an extra internal power supply to also power the SL-1200 using a single umbilical cable. This reduces still further any noise by removing the transformer vibration and eliminating the electrical hum field. The transformer is custom wound for us. A linear power supply is used which is user configurable to operate anywhere in the world on both 50 and 60Hz and from 90 to 260V.  Special offer !  Internal PSU supplied at no charge.  6 year warranty

Click here for a pdf data sheet
Click here for the HiFi World review

Click here for the turntable specification

T-01DDS variable speed $2,995 USD

Suggested system for up to 16" records, SL-1200 turntable $1,200.00
(pre-owned), 12" armboard $375.00, 12" Jelco arm $725.00, Undersized 78's Spindle $149.00, T-01DDS $2,995.00
Total $5,444.00 


We can supply the legendary Technics SL-1200 with a 6 year warrantee.

Pure copper headshell weights are available so that the tracking weight is easily adjusted, just change the headshell to the new cartridge with the appropriate weight fitted, no adjustments

Now you can have everything in one archival turntable, accuracy, adjustable and repeatable speed.

Timestep T-01EQ 78rpm Equaliser Preamplifier

                                                                Click on the image or here for a big view of the front panel, then zoom in.
Why the Timestep EQ is so good:
• 6 years warranty
• Both variable and preset EQ
• Does what any other EQ does
• Does everything all other EQ's do put together
• Total Owl-1 and Owl Multifilter functionality
• Highest dynamic range
• Lowest noise floor
• Simultaneously record both flat and EQ outputs
• Modern design using military specification components
• Easy and intuitive to use
Full specification here

Those that have seen and heard the T-01EQ have said that it is now the only equaliser you will ever need.  Combining all the features of the Vadlyd, the Owl-1 and the Owl Multifilter and much more, this is fast becoming the new industry standard.  The designer of the Owl-1 and Multifilter said at the AES Conference in New York 2013 "the world has been waiting 20 years for this".  Other EQ's claim Owl functionality but we are the only ones who fully implement all functions of both the Owl-1 and Multifilter in one box, right from the original and only copy of the hand drawn circuits of Owl.

The New York Public Library (NYPL) and the Indiana University (IU) both have two units each.  The IU said " it does everything and we love it" and the NYPL said " it has the highest dynamic range and the lowest noise floor"

The T-01 EQ features both preset and variable EQ.  Properly designed, the gain does not vary between EQ settings, obvious perhaps, but not all EQ's do this.

Independent test have shown that this EQ does more than any other EQ, and also does everything that every other EQ does too.  It's performance such as dynamic range and noise, we believe, is better than any.  If you are considering a more expensive unit, or even a low cost unit, ask us first.  Influential users have bought second units, they are that good !  We may be the new kids on the block, but our MD has been working in audio for 40+ years, click here to read about him.

• Compatible with the Owl-1, Owl Multifilter, Vadlyd, Milennia LOC, TDL 4010, KAB Souvenir, EMT JPA-66, Elberg MD12 and others.
• 19" rack Analogue real time equaliser
• 2 cartridge/arm inputs
• Moving coil and moving magnet input
• Variable cartridge load
• Variable EQ both LF and HF
• Preset fixed EQ for rapid archiving
• Variable slope and variable frequency
scratch/LPF filter
• Wide range rumble filter
• Two "frying/sizzle" notches based on the Owl

Full specification here
T-01EQ $2,995 USD 
Additional fixed flat XLR output add $300

• Ultra high performance input op-amps Texas OPA1612 SoundPlus™
• Proper Mono summing resulting in a 3dB signal to noise increase using stereo cartridges.
• Comprehensive groove wall pan and selection
• Variable vertical and lateral
• Single ended and balanced output
• Additional fixed flat XLR output option
• High signal to noise and noise floor
• High dynamic range and overload factor
• Low distortion
• HiFi performance
• Built in 100/120/230V 50/60Hz power supply
• Customer base includes the New York Public Library Restoration Division and Indiana University

Archiving starters advice and hand holding free if you buy our recommended system : Timestep turntable, our cartridge/stylus, Timestep EQ, our cable set, our stand.   (WaveLab, Prism USB audio interface, Adam A7X speakers and Dell PC, must be bought separately.)

XLR EQ Cable set approved by Prism.  Nickel plated Neutrik 1/4" jacks with gold plated XLR's.  4 off EQ to Prism USB audio interface and 2 off 3M (9 1/2 foot) Prism to Adam monitor speakers. All cables are studio quality silver plated and properly screened.  Yes they cost more than most, but dare you use inferior cables ?  $195

USB EQ Cable  the only cable you will need apart from the XLR's above.  Furutech GT-2 6 foot 1.8M cloth woven. Unlike some USB cables that give a "DC" noise that you will find impossible to track down, this is an audiophile cable that we use here. $160

Perspex EQ stand this gives you wrist height control of our EQ on your desk and also the Prism USB audio interface.  It will also hold your paperwork. It's very strong and heavy duty (7kg 15lbs) but looks like art !. It may seem expensive but you will want one if you see or use one.   $350

Perspex EQ speaker stand this matches the EQ stand and will allow the other monitor loudspeaker to be at the same height and in fact aligning the tweeter to your ear height as recommended by Adam for their A7X.  It's narrower to conserve desk space and has shelves identical to the EQ stand so that you can put Letter/A4 notes in.  The increase in productivity achieved by using these stands pays for them many times over.  $325 

Perspex speaker stand this matches the above and allows a monitor loudspeaker to sit above the DDS Speed Control, and also a spare shelf for papers, you really need all three.  $315

78rpm and the Technics  SP-15   SL-1015  Turntable

Famous for Archiving 78's and all other old records.  Right now we can supply :

By now most bearing are wearing out, they go noisy and lower the platter onto the chassis, neither is good !  Ours has a PEEK thrust pad, and advanced bearing surface the same but better as the original (not hard metal).  A pot of hi-tech grease is supplied, this may transform your SP-15 ?
Replacement thrust bearing pad compete A1 for standard spindles $160.00
Replacement thrust bearing pad compete A2 for cut down spindles $160.00

Cut down spindle for off centre records complete (no exchange but requires the "A" thrust bearing pad above)  $150

Replacement MN6042 with extra features for 70-95rpm $550.00 
This is a custom made chip using all new components.  The first failures were noticed in 2002 and it is believed that every Technics SP-15 now suffers from micro speed instability due to the imminent failure of the MN6402.
Fit replacement MN6042 $100.00


12" Turntable mat.  Have you noted your mat does not fit into the "lip" on the platter and actually dips down towards the centre ?  This remarkable mat has a small undercut "lip" so that although it is a full 295mm diameter it will fit "into" the SP-15 platter and hence will hold a 12" record properly.  $185.00

16" Turntable mat, as above but will fully suport 16" transcription
records $250.00

Plinth for SP-15 with SME or Jelco tonearm : please enquire

4 arm plinth for SP-15 : please enquire


Archival 78rpm Preamplifier
Got an old turntable in the attic or even just bought a cheap turntable off eBay?  This unit will allow you to accurately replay both modern LP's and using special equalisation old 78's.  You can add one or two turntables to an amplifier that has no phono input or a second turntable to an amplifier with only one phono input. The Archival Preamp can be used to convert any AUX input to phono use. A Rear panel switch sets up for one turntable for LP and one for 78s, or one turntable for both types of record. Plug it straight into your amplifier, or connect the output of the preamp directly to a computer sound card with the supplied cable. It is designed for both home as well as broadcast/studio applications. The preamp applies accurate “record equalisation” in the form of the RIAA curves. These equalization curves are adjustable with the front panel switch to match that of modern records or of vintage 78s and early radio broadcast transcriptions.
Archival Preamplifier and UK supplied 230V PSU £89.95

Re-Equaliser II

Pre-1955 records were recorded to different standards than now employed in RIAA equalized phono amplifiers. The Re-Equalizer compensates for this. Easily installed through the external tape monitor circuit or your preamplifier/receiver or between your phono stage and amplifier.  Accurate reproduction from any source is accomplished by producing an accurate equalization difference curve to compensate the output of your RIAA phono preamp.

• In "BYPASS" mode the signal is hard-wired input to output - introduces absolutely no noise or distortion
• In “IN” mode, left and right are combined to mono, and the correct  equalisation applied
• Supplied with six pages of recommended compensation settings to accommodate any vintage record - including acoustics. this remarkable document is considered by some to be the most highly researched chart ever produced.
• Passive equalization design & film capacitors assure low TIM and transparent sound.
• High input impedance for use with either valve or solid-state amplifier.
• Works with phono, tape recorder outputs - any source.
• Sixty-Four different record compensations
• Easy to understand switches!

Read the review by clicking here
Read the manual  by clicking here

Re-Equaliser II and 110/230V PSU £349.95

Vadlyd MD12 MK3 Preamplifier

VADLYD MD12 MK3 includes as standard vertical/lateral switch, and switchable inputs for MM/MC cartridges. MC inputs are with 3 switchable load impedances: 50, 100, and 200 ohms.  There are two separate cartridge inputs, both switchable MM/MC.

Recording engineers and serious record collectors know the problem when playing early phonograph records: ordinary RIAA phono equalization does not always match the original recording equalization that was used to make the record. 78rpm records in particular have many different eq settings depending on period, placement, and recording company. Even within the same company, there may be differences depending on which engineer was on job that day. The VADLYD MD12 MK3 is a product with professional specifications, but it is also useful for record collectors who want the proper playback equalization of early phonograph recordings, particularly 78rpm records.

• 12 presets enable adjustment to nearly all eq curves: 8 presets for 78s, and 4 presets for 33/45s
•  Excellent sound quality
• Switches for Stereo, Mono L + R, Mono L or Mono R
• Switch for Vertical Cut records (Pathé/Edison)
• Volume and balance controls, suitable to drive a power amplifier directly
• Multiple LEDs for easy operation
• One set of outputs is balanced with XLR connectors, with a second set providing unbalanced output on RCA phono jacks. This allows for both professional and consumer use
• The third set of outputs is also balanced with XLR connectors, but it contains a flat output signal. This signal is not affected by the eq settings and is useful for making simultaneous, archival transfers per Paragraph of IASA-TC04, “Guidelines on the Production and Preservation of Digital Audio Objects”
• All inputs and outputs are gold plated Neutrik
• 19” wide suitable for mounting in one rack (1.75” high) space, or it may be placed on a flat surface close to your turntable
• Two identical inputs, making it possible to have two turntables connected at the same time
• Each input is switchable for moving magnet (MM) or moving coil (MC) phono cartridges. Input impedance for MM cartridge is standard 47k ohm. MC inputs have 3 switchable load impedances: 50, 100, or 200 Ohm
• Front panel headphone jack with dedicated volume control

Click here to download the comprehensive user manual.

On demo right now  £1.995.00  (including 20% EU VAT) 

Audio Technica AT-MONO 3/SP Moving Coil 78rpm cartridge
Who would have thought it!  A moving Coil cartridge design specifically for 78's.  Although the stylus looks a little small, in really this cartridge really performs in a way like no other.  It can be used straight into an ordinary moving magnet preamplifier or for the ultimate, with a MC preamplifier.  We use one on our demo unit here.

This is what Audio Technica say:  The Audio Technica AT-MONO 3/SP cartridge is special – redesigning not just the needle, but the whole cartridge specially for “shellac” or phonograph records. A high output moving coil cartridge of excellent production quality and wound with PCOCC coil for signal purity, it is designed to deliver excellent fidelity and superb clarity when playing 78 RPM mono records. With its high output of 1.2 mV, it can be used without additional pre-amplification or a MC transformer.  Proven in use for many years in Japan, the Audio-Technica AT-MONO 3/SP cartridge in now available in Europe and helps to bring back the pure joy of discovery and listening pleasure for 78rpm record playing.

We have now had some time using this unique 78rpm moving coil cartridge.  On good quality 78's from the post war ear, the quality is simply stunning.  Even on old records the ability to track a 7gm is so very useful.  Being a true mono design it nulls any vertical noise/modulation and correctly sums both sides of the grove reducing the uncorrelated noise by 3dB.  If you are into 78's you must add this cartridge to your collection!  Or it may be your only cartridge ?

Type: Moving Coil, Mono 78 RPM Mono cartridge
Frequency response: 45 -7,000 Hz
Output voltage: 1.2 mV (1kHz and 5 cm/sec)
Tracking force: 3.0 - 7.0 g (5.0 g standard)
Recommended load: 40 ohms - 47K ohms (determine best value by listening)
Channel separation: Not applicable
Channel balance: Not applicable
Cantilever: Aluminium alloy
Stylus: Highly polished special conical 2.5 mil diamond
Dynamic compliance: 7.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne
Static compliance: 20.0 x 10-6 cm/dyne
External size: H16.0 x W16.6 x L26.5 mm
Weight: 6.8 g
Accessories included: Screwdriver, 4 screws, 2 washers and 2 nuts, spacer/weight, stylus brush
  £139.00 in stock now  Fitted to a headshell £174.00

Noriyuki Miyajima has had a love of music forever, first as a hobby, then as a specialist dealer and more recently as a manufacturer.  Using real wood, diamonds and delicate coils, Noriyuki prides himself on honesty.

Miyajima are one of only a very few manufactures to fully embrace 78rpm mono cartridges. Rarer still, they make true single coil designs for optimum playback.  A feature that isn't on many other mono cartridges is that the vertical movement is totally locked to give better reproduction and less noise, this is very important and not often mentioned.

Kotetu  78 rpm
Using the same body as the Spirit, the user can listen to standard groove recordings in real sound quality.   The price of this cartridge has been kept low so that it is possible for users to experience Miyajima 78 rpm at a low entry cost.
Body type : Composite
Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz
Output level : 0.5mV
Impedance : 4 ohm
Recommended load : 100 ohm
Tracking force : 3.0 - 4.55  3.5g recommended
Stylus type : 3 mil conical
Compliance 100Hz : 8×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 8.8g
Retail price £335.00

Premium Ebony 78 rpm
With its ebony body the Premium is natural and is rich in sound quality. We recommend the Premium series as the cartridges with which you can really enjoy the music of every 78 rpm.
Body type : Ebony
Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz
Output level : 0.7mV
Impedance : 6 ohm
Recommended load : 100 ohm
Tracking force : 3.0 - 5.0g  4.0g recommended
Stylus type : 3 mil conical
Compliance 100Hz : 8×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 10.5g
Retail price £725.00

Premium BE II Blackwood 78 rpm
As above but in an African blackwood  body
Body type : Blackwood
Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz
Output level : 0.7mV
Impedance : 6 ohm
Recommended load : 100 ohm
Tracking force : 3.0 - 4.5g  3.5g recommended
Stylus type : 3 mil conical
Compliance 100Hz : 8×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 11.8g
Retail price £895.00

Zero 78 rpm
In its African blackwood body the Zero is the ultimate standard groove cartridge. It produces the clearest and most musical sound you will ever hear from 78 rpm recordings. Expensive? Yes, but worth it!
Body type : African blackwood
Frequency response : 20Hz - 20KHz
Output level : 0.4mV
Impedance : 6 ohm
Recommended load : 100 ohm
Tracking force : 3.0 - 4.5g  3.5g recommended
Stylus type : 3 mil conical
Compliance 100Hz : 8×10-6cm/dyne
Weight : 11.8g
Retail price £1,125.00 

Stanton 78rpm Stylus & Cartridge
The Stanton Cartridge  is designed for excellent stability even under  heavy tracking. Each cartridge can be used for either archival or casual play without concern for undue wear on the record.  This is the latest Stanton, not the older version.
  On demonstration in Dartmouth Devon now
  Stanton 500/505.V3 cartridge   £39.95 (select a stylus from below)
  Stanton 500/505.V3 cartridge & fitted to a headshell £74.95 (select a stylus from below)
  D5127C 2.7mil conical diamond stylus £59.00
  D5130EJ - 3.0 X 0.5 mil elliptical diamond stylus  - most 1905 to 1940's, slightly worn 78s & transcriptions, & some Edison discs £160.00
  D5140EJ - 4.0 X 1.0 mil elliptical diamond - Edison Diamond & very old/worn discs, raw aluminium, RCA home recordings, also Pathé vertical discs £199.00 (only two left in stock)

Archival Elliptical Stylus Kit
Older records require larger tips for normal playback. Using styli of various sizes to overcome noise in records caused by wear and abuse is a common technique. There is no optimum size stylus. The one that produces the best sound is the correct stylus to use. The kit consists of five Stanton 500/505 compatible, elliptical diamond styli and one conical sapphire stylus. They require 2 - 5 Gram tracking. This Archival Elliptical Expert Stylus Kit (from Esoteric Sound USA, not the UK) is all you need ?

Most vintage recordings do not have to be played with any particular stylus, but they were made to be played with certain standard styli. 78s and radio transcriptions require a coarse groove stylus of approximately 3 mil. You should choose the stylus that provides the best overall sound regardless of size. Here are some recommendations to start with:

D5120EJ - 2.0 X 0.4 mil elliptical diamond - worn LPs, some transcriptions.
D5125EJ - 2.5 X 0.5 mil elliptical diamond - late unworn 78s
D5130EJ - 3.0 X 0.5 mil elliptical diamond - most 1905 to 1940's, slightly worn 78s & transcriptions, & some Edison discs.
D5135EJ - 3.5 X 0.8 mil elliptical diamond - old or worn 78s, transcriptions.
D5140EJ - 4.0 X 1.0 mil elliptical diamond - Edison Diamond & very old/worn discs, raw aluminium, RCA home recordings., also Pathé vertical discs
D5180J - 8.0 mil conical sapphire - RCA home recordings, and worn Pathé vertical discs.

The ultimate is to have six Stanton cartridges on six quick interchangeable headshells, one with each of our six Archival stylus!!  Ah, the joy of six!

Archival Elliptical 6 Stylus Kit £699.00  (special order only, please check with us first)
Stanton 500/505.V3 cartridge   £39.95 (only available if a 78rpm stylus is purchased at the same time)
Spare headshell   £14.95
Headshell ready fitted with a Stanton 500/505 cartridge £74.95 each (only available if a 78rpm stylus is purchased at the same time)
Archival Elliptical 6 Stylus Kit, headshells, cartridges, all ready mounted ready to go!  £1,148.70   £1,099.00   (special order only, please check with us first)

The truly ultimate is above, with a standard Stanton on the left to play your friends ex disco/club records, next a AT440MLa audiophile for your new vinyl, and then all 6 78rpm cartridges, heaven? 


Edison Electric Cylinder Reproducer
With both a 2 and 4 minute styli, this electric cylinder reproducer has none of the compromises of earlier designs, it tracks properly at 4.5 grams with its Stanton cartridge.

The cartridge is fitted to a miniature tonearm and is weighted so that it will track any cylinder of any thickness.  Also any stylus could be fitted.  There is also lateral tolerance so as not to cause stress on the stylus due to worn gears.

You can hear an acoustical recording made with this by clicking here.  No computers were used in this reproduction, only a Timestep T-01EQ.

Our price $495.00 USD including 2 and 4 minute stylus and flexible cable.



Strobe disc for free!  10 - 500rpm!
To print out a lovely strobe click here.  If the rpm is an exact match for 50 or 60hz you will get one stripe, if not then very cleverly you will get two stripes and you set the speed in the middle, simple but brilliant!  Select Custom as the strobe type and enter your target rpm.  You could print of many different ones?


Key Strobe 50 - 60 - 300 Hz  light source

We think this is the ultimate strobe, arguably better than the Clearaudio. 

You can download a 33 1/3 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here
You can download a 45 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here
You can download a 78.26 rpm 300Hz test disc from Seb by clicking here

For any 78rpm speed use the free strobe above !

Our price £46.00

Cartridge Stabiliser & De-resonator
A soft copper Cartridge Stabiliser
that adds mass to your arm allowing the better use of the 78 rpm cartridges when using  normal headshells.  7.8g (3mm thick) and 3.1g (1.2mm thick) available, so you can have  3.1, 6.2, 7.8, 10.9, 14.0 and 15.6g.  We use the 7.8g on all our systems.

1 off £24.95,  2 off £34.95, 3 off £44.95  free UK postage.

A Carbon Fibre cartridge de-resonator that actually works. Unlike the boy racer carbon effect, this is the real McCoy!  This beautifully formed device tightly couples your cartridge to your headshell dissipating and thereby suppressing any nano resonance's.  £14.95

Stylus Force Gauge 78rpm
Most stylus gauges only go up to 3gm and the digital ones are affected by the magnets in your cartridge as they aren't made from really pure anti magnetic stainless steel.  So how about this, a simply balance! Stylus force gauges have all but disappeared along with turntables. The few that remain are designed solely for use with audiophile records and turntables and cannot measure the higher requirements of DJs and vintage record collectors. This of course, also applies to professional sound restorers and those involved with record reissues. The 78rpm Stylus Force Gauge is simple to use and relies on the principle of a basic laboratory balance.

Art Dudly of Stereophile wrote "  It's a simple balance beam, such as the one that comes free with most Ortofon cartridges. But whereas the Ortofon scale is too tiny and ambiguous to be consistently useful and it tops out at 3gm this is big and easy, and it comes with a total of 5.75gm in plastic weights, for use in various combinations. Where that isn't enough, the manufacturer recommends using various coins, the weights of which are listed on their website. "

Weights of coins

Supplied 5 perspex weights

Five pence : 3.25g
One pence: 3.56g
Twenty pence : 5.00g

Ten pence : 6.50g
Two pence : 7.13g
Fifty pence : 8.00g

2 x 2.00g

£24.95 and in stock right now 


Esoteric Sound
We are the UK agents for Esoteric Sound which was founded because of the decreasing number of manufacturers providing speciality products in audio processing, and especially the waning number of quality turntables oriented towards vintage records. Such products are still required for archiving purposes and to enjoy the vast number of little played 78's now appearing on eBay. If you want any of their products (turntables excepted) delivered to your door, without any of the hassle of a personal import, dealing with the import duty, attempting to pay the VAT, then simply ask us by clicking here.  You can visit their site here http://www.esotericsound.com/   We will debit your credit card in pounds and despatch your order from here in Devon.


Full Member of AES Audio Engineering Society) click here
Institutional member of iasa (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives ) click here

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