Jelco Tonearms   

Jelco have made arms for most manufacturers in the past.  Their Japanese engineering is second to none (think Lexus).  They made the famous Sumiko MMT and we believe the Linn Ittock II as well.  These are some of the companies that marketed Jelco arms under their own names:  Koetsu, Sumiko, Audio quest, Linn, Oracle, Ariston, Roksan, Revolver, Mission and Graham.  Jelco make their own jewelled bearings, they are in complete control of quality.

Jelco make seriously good arms, you don't need to rewire them, or change anything.  They are perfect out of the box.  They mount using the standard Linn three hole fixing and you get fixing templates and everything you need.  We are quite confident using them on £5K turntables. 


You will see this arm on many decks in the world, and for good reason, its high quality bearings, resonance damped arm tube, the exclusive internal wiring, means that it's a true 'plug and play' arm.  No modifications needed or desirable, it's made right the first time!

• Static Balance Straight
• Fixed headshell 
• Effective Length 228mm
• Overhang 18mm
• Linn compatible fitting and length
• Tracking Error Angle +2゜ -1゜
• Horizontal Sensitivity 20mg
• Vertical Sensitivity 20mg
• Effective mass 18gm
• Suitable Cartridge weight 4-10g
• Range of Height Adjustment 38mm-60mm
(Distance Between The Arm Stand Bottom and Centre of The Pipe.)
• No cable supplied, will take most SME cables or see below
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SA-250ST Retail price £349.00
8 gram polished cooper Cartridge Stabiliser spacer for DL-103 and cartridges requiring extra arm mass £24.95
Mounting template click here



Some cartridges need a heavier counterweight and they are £72.95 each,
• Extra heavy 215g


These professional grade Japanese cables are made by Jelco with Neglex cable and are really rather good!


JAC-501  A straight connector cable using Mogami Neglex cable  £95.00  £65.00

JAC-506XLR  A straight connector fully balanced with XLR connectors,  using Mogami Neglex cable £145.00

Cartridge Stabiliser

A 8 gram soft copper Cartridge Stabiliser that adds mass to your arm allowing the better use of the Denon DL-103 series when using  normal headshells.  £24.95 free UK postage.


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